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Match Tracks transforms your supply chain operations

Match Tracks clients capture real business results and transform their operations. Mines, raw material producers, terminals, and manufacturers fully digitize their supply chains and track contract compliance with ease. 


Mobile app to capture shipment data and driver signature

Document Warehouse

Automated reports sent directly to clients


Match Tracks has become the operating system for Midwest Terminals

Midwest Terminals: Digital transformation of a Terminal Operator’s Facilities 

Midwest Terminals has grown over the years and increased both the types and volume of products in which they handle each year. All inventory was managed via spreadsheets and paper documentation which required heavily upon faxing bills of lading and inventory reconciliation statements for billing to each customer. As they grew a majority of clerical work was manually sending information to customers as well transferring data from handwritten pick slips to spreadsheets. With the growing amount of customers and inventory, a management system was needed.

Pain points

Spreadsheets and filing cabinets stored all the important information about shipments and it was labor-intensive to connect a bill of lading with a shipment and know how much product was in the facility.

Clients needing immediate and up-to-date information regarding tickets and inventory had to wait until the information was compiled and reported.

There was little to no reporting that would allow stakeholders at Midwest Terminals to easily assess their capacity or rectify an issue without hours of research and investigation.

Match track’s impact

Incoming and outgoing shipment data is captured at the scale with Match Tracks’ mobile app 

Real-time data and reporting provided clients with the information they needed to manage their material investments


All data for a shipment is digitized, associated with a contract, and available for quick retrieval from the Match Tracks Document Warehouse.  This saves hours of labor sifting through paper records and email correspondence

When necessary, Match Tracks keeps tabs on receipts, shipments, and inventory, but also the quality of the product.

Pickands Mather: Reshaping 3PL into Logistics Center of Excellence for Fortune 500 Clients 

Pickands Mather has a long history in the raw materials industry in North America. For a long time, they managed mineral rights contracts for clients but also helped those clients with their logistics and supply chain strategy. In recent years their client roster had increased, but they needed to maintain an efficient operation to stay competitive for their clients. They operated like everyone else in the industry with paper records, spreadsheets, and emails to manage their clients’ shipments and track their material and transportation commitments.

Pain points

No ability to provide their clients real-time data showing where their commodities were at any time with their associated supplier commitments and transportation contracts resulting in poor decision-making by their clients.


Needed to reduce the labor cost of out-of-date data management and the hours spent tracking down shipment-related documents for accounting and customs.


Lack of material quality information for shipments making it difficult to measure the performance of suppliers hindering their ability to react to issues and enact penalties.


No quick and assured method to obtain historical supply chain data.

Match track’s impact

Complete supply chain visibility for Pickands Mather and their client showcasing inventory levels, cost, and product quality

Elimination of the need to research prior shipments for client’s accounting departments and U.S. and Canadian Customs


Clients reliance upon automated reports and notifications changed how they managed their supply chains


Automated reports sent directly to clients



Tracking quality through from product to consumption on complex supply chains



Contract management and associations across shipments


Pickands Mather’s supply chain consulting business replaced mineral contracts and allowed them to create a value add to their business partners and major clients.


Truck scale module to capture shipment data

Electronically delivered bill of lading report


Automated summary reports for the client’s operational team


Warrenton secured a long term client with significant volume

Warrenton River Terminal: Wins new customer with Match Tracks

Warrenton River Terminal was working to develop a relationship with a new frac sand
producer, but they were struggling to meet some of their technical requirements. Their operations had long relied on internal record keeping, but it had no way to meet their potential clients’ data frequency and depth. The new client was willing to do a trial period, but Warrenton would need to exceed expectations to win the business long term.

Pain points

Real-time record keeping for each shipment moving in and out of their facility via truck, rail, or barge


Reporting that was delivered in the new client’s format with accurate inventory counts


Out of the box system that could be implemented in time to meet the new client’s timelines

Match track’s impact

Warrenton won the client’s business and secured a multi-year contract boosting revenue

Incoming and outgoing shipment data is captured at the scale with Match Track’s scale module


Real-time data and reporting for the client in their format at their required frequency to monitor their frac sand shipments


Specialized inspection requirements are managed and confirmed by Match Tracks to ensure the employees meet customer expectations

The Client described Warrenton’s performance during the trial period as “hitting the ball out of
the park”

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