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Who we are

Match Tracks is raw material supply chain management software for all stakeholders within a supply chain. We simplify managing contracts for material and transportation commitments while providing invaluable insights into your supply chain in real-time. 


Match Tracks grew out of the need to know where raw materials in bulk shipments were at any time for our clients. Our leadership team knows the raw materials industry because we’ve worked in it for decades. We built Match Tracks to solve the problems we faced helping our clients and ourselves as we moved raw materials across North America.

Managing supply chains in raw materials industries is far more complex than in other industries as most of our products cannot be easily accounted for like finished goods. Additionally, production commitments interact with transportation contracts impacting the cost and delivery time frames that affect business outcomes. 

Our team combines industry experience with senior software developers to create the only supply chain and contract management system for the raw materials industry.

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9717 Chillicothe Road

Kirtland, OH 44094

Phone: 440.256.7622


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