Match Track is exclusively licensed and supported by PM Data Services. Each iteration is customized to meet the unique needs and business requirements of a diverse client base.

In order to ensure each client gains the most value possible from the services Match Tracks provides, new clients undergo a thorough needs analysis and business mapping project. The project is aimed to identify the existing business landscape for each new client, which includes current use case scenarios, process flows, and existing technology in place. All pain points and desired areas of improvement are documented as well.

Next, the PMD team works with client s to build a comprehensive road map for the development and implementation of services to be delivered by Match Tracks. This road map identifies the specific components and services of Match Tracks that will be leveraged, the way in which they will be implemented into the existing business logic, and what the anticipated value the services will provide.

Once customization is complete, the PMD team works with client s to develop a training and implementation program. As the software and services become available for clients to use, both on-site and remote training and support are made available to ensure all client needs and questions are addressed. As business grows and matures, PMD provides on-going support and development services to ensure that as client needs and competitive landscapes change, so do available services.