Tracking Services

The ability to plan, track, and report comprehensive organizational activities in conjunction with pre-established contractual requirements is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. These tools allow clients to accurately forecast both short and long term operational events and activities while also keeping track of actual performance in real time. Finally, the ability to aggregate either recent historic data to report to clients or tapping long term performance trends can provide clients with a great deal of value.

Match Tracks manages activities and events revolving around the four major forms of transportation which include: truck, rail, vessel, and barge transportation. All of these transportation mediums have unique characteristics and tools that help to more accurately track both inbound and outbound traffic and the associated impact that each shipment has on facility inventory and associated product management.

Truck Activity Management Tools

The management of truck activities is without a doubt the most challenging form of transportation to manage due to the small lot size of inventory being exchanged, the on-site resources required to either receive or and load product, and the volume of activities required to move significant quantities of product. Efficiently planning for, tracking, and reporting truck activity and events can be a sizable task but Match Tracks has been developed to streamline this process and provide clients with immediate value.

Vessel Activity Management Tools

The volume of product exchanged while either loading or unloading a vessel is significant and operational facilities can have a direct impact on both the product and customer. Actively forecasting vessel arrival times have not only internal benefits but directly impact the end customer. Tools within Match Tracks also allow clients to track the operational details of both loading and/or unloading giving clients access to information that can be used to improve operational efficiencies as well as streamlining the reporting process.

Rail Activity Management Tools

Tracking rail level information can be challenging at best and reporting both detailed and summative information can be difficult. Match Tracks allows clients to accurately detail car level information efficiently and effectively through developed EDI tools improving client tracing and tracking efficiencies. In addition, detailed information on both applicable rail cars and unit trains can be tracked and reported to both the railroad and end customer improving the value that our clients provide to their end customers.

Barge Activity Management Tools

Because barges often interchange between several tow boats throughout their journey from origin to destination, a dynamic tool to both manage and track individual barge activity and tow activity is included in Match Tracks. The system allows clients to track and report activity and performance of various barge carriers on a barge by barge basis. There is also the possibility, depending on availability, to automatically update barge activity through the use of automated data feeds provided by various barge carriers.

Inventory Activity Management

Real time Inventory Management tools provide up to date accounting for both internal and external use. This level of visibility simply isn’t possible without dynamically tracking the product. This irrespective of the transportation medium with which inventory is delivered or is hauled away. This core component of Match Tracks also has tools to help clients account for growth and shrink, while also improving the value that can be added to respective customers.