Globbal Access

Built on a web based platform, Match Tracks provides users and suppliers 24/7 access to information from any web enabled device or computer through a secure connection. Understanding that different users require access to different information, Match Tracks allows clients to not only access information that is only pertinent to their responsibilities, but in many cases, Match Tracks allows the client to describe and customize their view. Providing a customized view of information from any location allows clients to be in touch and informed in real time while in the office or on the go.

Match Tracks and its services are delivered through numerous platforms to stakeholders anywhere in the world. The primary platform available to clients is use of any web enabled device. The Match Tracks web services are available through secure connection on any supported web browser from any computer, smart phone, or tablet. In addition, access to Match Tracks for more targeted information is available on any IPhone through the use of the Match Tracks mobile app which allows users to access shipment and transactional information on a granular level.

In addition to the traditional platforms on which Match Tracks is delivered, Match Tracks often reaches out directly to customers through the use of data driven notifications and scheduled subscriptions. Whether a user wants to be notified when a specific business metric or condition is present or a client simply wants to be kept in the loop, Match Tracks has robust, customizable delivery of service to clients via email.