Crisis Aversion

Real time information is constantly being absorbed by Match Tracks through a number of diverse sources. Through the use of implemented business rules and benchmarks, Match Tracks can provide real time oversight and analysis as information is being received. When excursions occur, not only can Match Tracks notify the right person or team, but it can put the excursion in context by delivering all of the necessary information to react.

Case Study – Quality Excursions: The Pickands Mather Group captures and manages a number of commodities with targeted quality specifications, many of which are contractually outlined. When managing quality for either an internal or external client, PMG relies on Match Tracks compare quality received by the system against expectation, and when excursion occur, Match Tracks triggers an automated email to all necessary parties including end clients. In addition, PMG will often leverage specific reports that will help to put the excursion into context helping the end decision maker understand the whole picture. By knowing that an excursion has occurred in real time and having access to all of the information necessary to make an informed decision, crisis such as receiving or blending the material with other commodities is averted.

Case Study – Trend Analysis: In the case where Match Tracks is being used to track the distribution of commodities from the mine to the mill, analytical tools can help quickly identify developing problems and avert crisis that can quietly develop over time. In the case of truck traffic, Match Tracks allows customers to input and track both origin and destination scale data. The difference between the origin and destination scale is compared on a shipment by shipment basis and differences greater than the client defined threshold are often flagged and reported. Through summative reporting, clients are able to spot trends in real time and address either operational practices or physical issues with equipment such as scales long before an issue has time to snowball because visibility and attention is immediately brought to excursions.