Contract Management

“Contracts” are the core component of the database. By loading contractual expectations into Match Tracks, the system can provide forecasting tools and can establish expectations for all organizational and client activities. As events start to transpire, these established expectations can provide the yardstick to evaluate both internal and external performance and quickly identify problems as they develop.

High Level Contract Details

At the core of any contractual arrangement are key fields and vales such as:

  • Contract Name
  • Client
  • Term
  • Product
  • Volume Expectations
  • Inbound Origin(s) of Material
  • Outbound Destination(s) of Material
  • Associated Documentation

Commercial Terms

  • Applicable Fees/Services
  • Cost
  • Term
  • Effective Date Range
  • PO# (if applicable)

Performance Expectations

  • Defined Performance Objective
  • Frequency
  • Term
  • Associated Costs (if applicable)